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Yesterday Bridget took George swimming, then they came home and we all got ready to go see Brave at the South Towne theater.  The movie was sold out, so we went to Cavalier Pizza in Mount Pleasant for lunch, then we drove to Fountain Green so George could play at the “Shady Park,” as Bridget likes to call it.

There was a fire on the mountain to the east of the town, and while we were there it grew at an alaming rate.  At one point what sounded like an air raid siren went off for at least a full minute.  We weren’t at the park long before George needed a change of clothes, which we hadn’t brought.  I was actually pretty glad for an excuse to leave.  I don’t think there was any immediate danger, but I was happy to leave voluntarily rather than being evacuated.

I hope and pray that the fire is put out soon, that no one is hurt and no one’s property is damaged.  I know it was a stressful situation for me just being there, I can only imagine what it must be like to have such a large fire so close to your home.


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