Dinosaur Tooth   Leave a comment

Earlier George, who is three, and I went to Kent’s (a local grocery store) to get some hamburger for dinner.  When I was strapping George into his carseat he found a die and told me it was a dinosaur tooth.  When we got to the store he insisted on bringing his “dinosaur tooth” in with him.

Kent’s has a couple of smaller grocery carts with little plastic cars at the front for kids to sit in.  We got one of those carts, got the hamburger, and went to the checkout.

While we were at the checkout George started talking to the cashier, and got out of the car to show her his “dinosaur tooth.”  She asked him for more information about it, and he gave her all kinds of details.  The whole conversation was really cute.  It would have been even cuter if George hadn’t had his hand on his crotch the whole time.


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