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A couple of days ago Bridget suggested that we go bowling.  Neither of us had been bowling for years, even though we’d been talking about going since before we were married.  So we put the kids in the van and drove to the bowling alley.

George loved bowling!  We had the bumpers up for him and got him a ramp, and he rolled his ball down the ramp.  He also “helped” Bridget bowl.  Out of the three of us (Bridget, George and me) George got the highest score.

After we bowled we played pool, air hockey and a few arcade games.  George loved pool – his version consists of rolling the balls into the pockets by hand.

When we were finished playing we ate dinner at the diner inside the bowling alley.  While we were there we put Glen in a high chair and propped him with blankets, which he seemed to enjoy.

George rolling his ball down the ramp

George helping Mommy bowl

George and Mommy bowling together

Glen 'sitting' in a high chair


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