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Donkey Kong Cabinet
A few months ago I watched The King of Kong, a “documentary” about two rivals for the highest Donkey Kong score.  It was an interesting watch, whether it was true to life or not.  I had played Donkey Kong a little bit before that, but I think watching that movie is what really increased my interest.

Donkey Kong is one of the first platforming games.  A gorilla named Donkey Kong kidnaps the girlfriend of the protagonist, Jumpman (later Mario).  Jumpman has to navigate his way through many obstacles in order to rescue his Lady.

Donkey Kong consists of four stages which repeat.  The first stage consists of ramps which slope in alternating directions.  Donkey Kong stands at the top and rolls or throws barrels down at Jumpman, which the player has to jump over or smash with a hammer while climbing to the top.  The second stage is made up of a series of ladders and conveyor belts which change direction.  The third stage contains elevators which move constantly, requiring carefully timed jumps, then bouncing springs which must be avoided when climbing.  In the final stage there are four levels of girders, each held up by a pin at the ends.  Once all the pins are removed, Donkey Kong falls and Jumpman and his Lady are finally reunited.


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  1. I thought it was a good documentary–very interesting view of video arcade gaming for its time.

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