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Merry-Go-Copter was part of Tomy’s Playrail series of toy train sets.  Each had a loop of track and a train with a passenger who would be dropped off at a ramp, then slide down it.  In this case the ramp led to a tower with an elevator.  Once the train reached the track in front of the tower it would stop and the train wheels would turn some gears and raise the elevator.  Once the passenger reached the top of the tower they would be picked up by a circling helicopter, then dropped off at the top of a twisty slide, ending up back on the train.  The train would then take off and drop the passenger off at the ramp again.

Me playing with my Merry-Go-Copter - Christmas 1982


Posted August 15, 2012 by darthphilburt in Nostalgia

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  1. Its my childhood game too the same the same.. i was searching on it today because i had eit in my dream as it was my favorite toy after 30 years.. now im searching if there is a possible to buy this model?

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