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The first time I tried Dig Dug I didn’t expect to like it.  A video game about digging?  Come on.  But once I tried it I found that I really liked it.  The main character is Taizo Hori (in Japanese HORI Taizo, a pun on the Japanese phrase meaning “I want to dig!”), a miner in a white suit who carries an air pump and a shovel.  The object of the game is to tunnel through the dirt and destroy Pookas (anthropomorphic red balls with goggles) and Fygars (dragons).  The enemies can be destroyed by tunneling under a rock while they follow you, then moving out of the way so it drops on your enemies, or by inflating them with your air pump until they burst.

Dig Dig was created in 1982 by Namco and distributed in North America by Atari.


Posted September 21, 2012 by darthphilburt in Video Games

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