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In Journey the members of the band Journey have had their instruments stolen by aliens.  The player has to navigate each band member through a stage full of obstacles to retrieve their instrument.  Once all the instruments are retrieved the band plays on stage while the player controls a bouncer fighting an uphill battle against fans rushing the stage.  Eventually a fan will get through, the instruments are stolen again, and the stages repeat at a higher level of difficulty.

I expected this game to be lame when I first tried it, but it was actually pretty fun.  The character sprites each have a black and white cutout of a band member’s head, which sounds cheesy but works surprisingly well.  The background music for each stage is a digitized version of one of Journey’s songs, except the concert stage, when a looped tape inside the machine plays Journey’s song “Separate Ways”.

Journey was released in 1983 by Bally/Midway.


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