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Donkey Kong Jr. cabinet
Donkey Kong Jr. is Nintendo’s sequel to Donkey Kong and was released in 1982.  It was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Yoshio Sakamoto.

The plot of Donkey Kong Jr. is that Donkey Kong has been captured by Mario, and it is up to his son to rescue him.  There are four stages in the game.  On the first stage Donkey Kong Jr. climbs vines and dodges anthropomorphic bear traps to reach Donkey Kong’s cage, only to have Mario take the cage away.  On the second stage Jr. has to jump across moving platforms and climb across a series of chains while avoiding birds who fly by as well as the eggs they drop.  In the third stage Jr. has followed Mario back to his hideout, and has to climb up wires and walk across platforms while dodging electrical sparks Mario sends his way.  On the final stage Jr. climbs up several chains, pushing keys at the bottom the the chains into padlocks at the top pf the chains while dodging birds and anthropomorphic bear traps.  Each unlocked padlock removes a portion of Donkey Kong’s cage, and when all six portions are removed Donkey Kong escapes.  Donkey Kong Jr. catches his father and is pursued by Mario, who is then drop-kicked by Donkey Kong.

In the American version of the game the first level is made up the the first and last stages, the second level is made up of the first, second and final stages, and the following levels contain all four stages.


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