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Asteroids Deluxe cabinet
Asteroids Deluxe is the sequel to Asteroids.  The gameplay is very similar: the player’s ship shoots at and destroys asteroids and flying saucers.  Asteroids Deluxe adds another enemy – a ship which breaks up into six pieces, with each piece pursuing the player’s ship.  The controls are basically the same, the exception being that hyperspace has been replaced with a protective shield.

Like Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe uses a vector monitor, but this time the monitor is in the bottom of the cabinet with the screen facing up.  The image on the screen in backwards, and is reflected off a piece of glass angled at forty-five degrees, behind which is a brightly colored space scene which is illuminated by a black light. The reflected image of the monitor appears correctly oriented from the player’s perspective, with the game graphics seeming to float in space in front of the black light space scene producing a three-dimensional effect.

Asteroids Deluxe was designed by Dave Shepperd and produced by Atari in 1981.


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