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Mad Planets cabinetMad Planets is a space shooter game with a twist – instead of fighting aliens from other planets, you’re fighting the planets themselves.  These planets are angry, and the player has to destroy them or be destroyed.  At first the planets are small and can be easily destroyed, but they quickly grow in size and sprout moons which attack the player’s ship.  Once a planet’s moons are destroyed the planet itself goes berzerk and attacks the player’s ship.  In later levels the player rescues astronauts floating in space for extra points and also has to dodge attacking comets.

Mad Planets has a somewhat unusual control scheme – a flight stick with a trigger on the right to move the ship around the screen and fire, and a spinner on the left to rotate the ship to the best angle for shooting attackers.

Mad Planets was designed by Kan Yabumoto and pruduced by Gottlieb in 1983.

John’s Arcade review of Mad Planets with additional gameplay.  (Caution: Language)


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