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  • I have a wonderful, beautiful, supportive wife named Bridget.
  • I have two sweet little boys named George and Glen.
  • I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • I’m currently attending Snow College as a Computer Science major.  After finishing at Snow I plan to transfer to Utah State University.
  • I’m a Linux user.
  • I was raised in the suburbs, but I want to live in the country.
  • My dream job is to write open-source software from home.
  • My wife and I are planning on home-schooling our children.

About this blog

I initially started this blog with the idea that I would use it to keep in touch with my friends after quitting Facebook.  That didn’t work out the way I hoped, so I rejoined Facebook, but I gave Facebook as little personal info as possible and added a minimal number of friends.  Most of the things I post online I post here, then I’ll post a link to my blog page on Facebook or wherever.  That way I only have to write something once, and I’m not taking up a lot of space on my friends’ news feeds.


Posted May 25, 2012 by darthphilburt

3 responses to “About Me

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  1. I like that you say ‘my wife and I’ as though I have a choice about homeschooling.

  2. It’s a trap!

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