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Pioneer Day Fireworks   Leave a comment

Today (July 24th) was Pioneer Day, a Utah state holiday celebrating the arrival of the pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley.  The closest city to us where there were going to be fireworks was Fairview, so we drove there and watched the fireworks.  Last year George was scared to death of fireworks, but this year he seems to mostly be okay with them.  He got scared at first because of the noise and said, “Let’s go home!”  But pretty soon he calmed down and enjoyed the show, and when we got home he was disappointed we weren’t going to see more fireworks.


Bridget and George watching the fireworks


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A Day in the Life of the Man of Steel   1 comment

Trying out his cape

Walking with SuperMommy

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Riding the SuperCarousel with SuperDaddy

Playing at the SuperPlayground

Playing Donkey Kong

Playing Berserk

Balloon Festival   1 comment

This weekend is the Eyes to the Sky Balloon Festival in Salina.  Yesterday we went to Richfield to do some shopping and have dinner, then we went to Salina for the Balloon Glow.  Several block of Salina’s Main Street were blocked off and the balloon owners brought their balloons and set them up in the street for people to look at.  We were originally going to go to the balloon launch, but at 5:00am Bridget and I decided we were both too tired to drive to Salina, mostly because some little baby kept us up late the night before.  Oh well, maybe next year…

George looking at the balloons

Big flame

Rainbow zigzag balloon

White ballon with square geometric pattern

White ballon with multicolored pattern