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You know, I’m really not impressed by most actors as human beings.  They may be talented at portraying other people, but far too many of them are so wrapped up in themselves they can’t see anything else.  Christian Bale seems to me to be one of the exceptions – a decent, down-to-earth guy who genuinely cares about other people.  The world needs more actors – heck, more people – like him.


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Monster Hunter Nation

I didn’t want to post about this, because frankly, it is exhausting. I’ve been having this exact same argument for my entire adult life. It is not an exaggeration when I say that I know pretty much exactly every single thing an anti-gun person can say. I’ve heard it over and over, the same old tired stuff, trotted out every single time there is a tragedy on the news that can be milked. Yet, I got sucked in, and I’ve spent the last few days arguing with people who either mean well but are uninformed about gun laws and how guns actually work (who I don’t mind at all), or the willfully ignorant (who I do mind), or the obnoxiously stupid who are completely incapable of any critical thinking deeper than a Facebook meme (them, I can’t stand).

Today’s blog post is going to be aimed at the first group…

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Ben Wise: Kaitlin Roig saved her students and told them she loved them in case that was the last thing they ever heard. What a beautiful woman.

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Star Wars action figures   1 comment

R2-D2I had quite a few Star Wars action figures growing up.  I even had two of a few of them – Han Solo in his Endor gear, Darth Vader, and Wicket.  But my favorite figure was R2-D2.  It wasn’t exactly an accurate figure, but there was something about it that seemed almost… friendly.

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