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Hipster princesses   Leave a comment

Hipster princesses


Posted November 16, 2012 by darthphilburt in Funny

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Real life Merida   Leave a comment

Merida in real life

Posted September 4, 2012 by darthphilburt in Funny, Movies

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Uncle $crooge Adventures   1 comment

Cover of Uncle $crooge Adventures #16Walt Disney’s Uncle $crooge Adventures was one of the first of many comics I collected.  Fred Meyer had several comics in a rack near the magazine stand, and when I went with my mom to Fred Meyer I’d go to the comic book book display and find something to read, usually buying it if I liked it.  It seems as though most of the comics I read in those early days were Disney Comics, but Uncle $crooge was my favorite: it had a lot of the same stories as DuckTales, my favorite Disney cartoon series, which had a lot of the same characters.