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Sunshine   Leave a comment

Shortly after we put him to bed tonight George came back out.  He said he wanted to sing “Sunshine.”  Bridget started singing “You are My Sunshine,” but George stopped her and said he wanted to sing.  So he sang the song, and sang, “You’ll never know, Mommy, Daddy, Baby Glen, how much I love you, oh please don’t take my sunshine away.”  It was really sweet.


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First day of school   Leave a comment

Well, I survived the first day of the semester.  Today I had Data Structures and Algorithms, Calculus III, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, and Basic Photography.

When I dropped the boys off at day care this morning Glen promptly spit up on his teacher.  Apart from that they seemed to have had an okay day, though.

Glen is growing up too fast   Leave a comment

Glen standing by the couch

No, your eyes do not deceive you.  Yes, that is my four-month-old son standing by the couch.  Part of me is proud as can be.  But part of me is freaking out and wanting him to slow down and just be a baby.

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Glen’s first daddy bath   Leave a comment

Glen woke up this morning with a diaper blowout.  Since Bridget wasn’t home, it was up to me to give him a bath.  We both survived, and he came out cleaner than he went in, so I call that a success!

Glen after his bath

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Bowling!   Leave a comment

A couple of days ago Bridget suggested that we go bowling.  Neither of us had been bowling for years, even though we’d been talking about going since before we were married.  So we put the kids in the van and drove to the bowling alley.

George loved bowling!  We had the bumpers up for him and got him a ramp, and he rolled his ball down the ramp.  He also “helped” Bridget bowl.  Out of the three of us (Bridget, George and me) George got the highest score.

After we bowled we played pool, air hockey and a few arcade games.  George loved pool – his version consists of rolling the balls into the pockets by hand.

When we were finished playing we ate dinner at the diner inside the bowling alley.  While we were there we put Glen in a high chair and propped him with blankets, which he seemed to enjoy.

George rolling his ball down the ramp

George helping Mommy bowl

George and Mommy bowling together

Glen 'sitting' in a high chair

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Pioneer Day Fireworks   Leave a comment

Today (July 24th) was Pioneer Day, a Utah state holiday celebrating the arrival of the pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley.  The closest city to us where there were going to be fireworks was Fairview, so we drove there and watched the fireworks.  Last year George was scared to death of fireworks, but this year he seems to mostly be okay with them.  He got scared at first because of the noise and said, “Let’s go home!”  But pretty soon he calmed down and enjoyed the show, and when we got home he was disappointed we weren’t going to see more fireworks.


Bridget and George watching the fireworks

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This is bat country.   1 comment

Bridget, George, Glen and I were just outside watching bats come out of the attic of the house next door.  We counted past fifty, and I’m sure there were a lot more we didn’t count.  It was cool to watch, but I’m glad we don’t live in that house!

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