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Elevator Action cabinetIn Elevator Action the player controls “Otto” – Secret Agent 17.  The player guides “Otto” through high-rise buildings, collecting secret documents from rooms with red doors and shooting what enemy agents he can’t avoid.  “Otto” also has full control over the elevators when he is riding them, and he can use the elevators to squash any enemy agents who get in the elevator’s path.  Once “Otto” has collected all the secret documents from a building he proceeds to the basement garage and escapes in his car.

The control scheme for Elevator Action is pretty basic – a four-way joystick, a fire button and a jump button.  “Otto” can fire while standing or crouching, and he can jump to avoid enemy fire and to jump kick enemy agents.

Elevator Action was produced in 1983 by Taito.


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Space Invaders   1 comment

Space Invaders cabinet
Space Invaders is the grand daddy of all space shooter games.  It was released in 1978 by Taito in Japan, and distributed in the North America by Midway.

The object of the game is to defend the planet against waves of alien invaders as they descend from the sky.  The player controls a laser base, moving it back and forth to shoot the aliens or hide behind a set of shields.  The game’s designer, Tomohiro Nishikado, took advantage of the limitations of the game’s hardware: The game moves slowly at first due to the large number of alien sprites on the screen, but as sprites are eliminated the game becomes faster and more frantic.