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Karate Champ cabinet Karate Champ is considered by many to be the first fighting game.  The controls consist of two joysticks per player – the left one moves the player’s character, and the right one determines what action (punch, kick, etc.) the character will perform.

There are two versions of Karate Champ – regular and versus.  The regular version only allows one player to play at a time, and the character in the game is competing in a karate dojos and tournaments.  In the versus version the male main character competes against other male characters for the affections of a young lady, and each competition takes place in a different location.  In both versions each competition consists of two rounds, both of which the player must win.  Rounds are won by scoring points against the other character, as in a martial arts tournament.  In between competitions are mini games where the main character can dodge thrown flowerpots, punch bulls, etc. for extra points.

My first experience with this game was seeing it at the laundromat I frequented with my mom.  At the time (the late 1990s) I thought it looked old and lame, so I never tried it.  My loss.

Karate Champ was created by Technos Japan Corp. and produced in 1984 by Data East.